MaPS MUST ENGAGE WITH DEBT ADVISERS: UDAN joins forces with Advice UK and We Are Debt Advisers in a new campaign

Today, Unite Debt Advice Network (UDAN) calls on the Money & Pensions Service (MaPS) to properly engage with frontline debt advice workers.

UDAN has joined forces with Advice UK and We Are Debt Advisers, and today publishes a list of campaign demands aimed at building a debt advice sector which is sustainable, provides high-quality advice to everyone who needs it, and treats workers fairly.

This follows our successful campaign in December to halt the devastating 50% cuts to community-based services which MaPS tried to impose from this April.

The disruption caused by MaPS failed recommissioning process last year has resulted in experienced advisers leaving the sector and services temporarily grinding to a halt. Debt advice needs to rebuild quickly as we face the worst financial crisis in a generation, and we will be needed now more than ever.

Debt advice services must be shaped by the people who understand the job – the dedicated advisers who spend every working day doing the job. We know that reaching those in the most need of help means strong, well-funded services rooted in local communities. Keeping those services running means giving debt advice workers long-term secure contracts, decent pay and conditions, manageable workloads and professional respect.

We are ready to negotiate. MaPS, the ball is in your court.

We invite other debt advice organisations and trade unions to join our campaign.

Contact us for further details

Read the campaign demands

Join Unite

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